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Hi guys I have Alienware R4 with A9 BIOS and since I've updated windows in 8.1 I have some fan problems.

The fan problem is getting me really nervouse because I solve the problem running installation with repaire option and basically I do this everytime I turn on the computer or when I turn it on from the sleep mode.

I also have sensor temperature problems and they get fixed everytime I reboot.

The temperature I get is 0° - 0° -65°.

Hope to get good and fanst answers.

C ya

PS: Temperature and fan problems aren't not connected because fan go crazy even when the temperature is ok!

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This worked! I have been trying everything and this finally was the answer, THANK YOU!!!!!!!

this worked for me!!  TYVM

what a relief ... and easy fix  YOU ROCK

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It was a breeze.  What a relief!  Pardon my French I owe you merci pour votre message. 



Sorry for my English : I'l French (nobody is perfect ! )

I got the same problem with my Alien Aurora R4 using Windows 8.1
Impossible to set up fans speed by using auto mode. 2 fans running at 100% while temperature wer at a low level.

I have fixed that problem by uninstalling my 'Command Center' program, downloading the special windows 8.1 'Command Center' here :

I downloaded the file called App_NT_AWCC305010_W8_W81_W7_Setup_P1K0M_ZPE.exe

and I restarted my PC after installing the new Command Center program.

Now, all is OK : Fans are runing with a low speed by using the auto mode.
I hope it will help you.

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Got same problem after installing Windows 8.1.  First games like The Secret World could freeze for 10 - 20 sec.. Not even ctrl - alt- del would work during that time, but suddenly it would Wake up again, and remember every key stroke during those 10 - 20 Seconds, and I just have a healer glaring angry at me for my none moving tanking skills when taking on the Cat God.

Then after some days the fan startet going mad.  Really really loud. 

To fix the fan I tried uninstall Alien Command Center, but something else stopped working then.  Every time I restartet the machine, it gave error.  Windows could not fix it, so I had to use the respawn and head back to Windows 8.0.

After checking Windows 8.0 worked fine again after a million updates, I tried another Windows 8.1 update.  And yet again the Alien Command Center showed fan going at 61444 RPM, and tempratures where 240 degrees celsius.  I tried to just verify alien command center install, but it didnt change anything.  Then remove it, turn off machine, (not sure what Power drain is), and then restart.. Now its shows 22 degrees Celius, and fans at 1180. 1152 and 1060 RPM.  Finally seems to work again as intended 

Seems to work fine now though.. But I would not recommend 8.1 quite yet.. Seems to have some birthing bugs still. 



I would recommend you to uninstall the command center, turn off the power and perform a power drain then download the latest version of the command center from the Dell website and run it.

Let me know if that fix the issue.

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I had the same fan speed issue after update to A09 BIOS on my Aurora R4.  Even when cold after being off overnight fans stuck at 100% before Windows even starts.  I could slow them with Command Center by choosing Manual mode, but this does not load until last when Windows boots, so was still annoying and loud until then.

I uninstalled Command Center, then reinstalled it.  After a reboot now my fan speed and Command Center works properly and there is minimal fan noise.

I am running Windows 8.1 with UEFI boot and Secure Boot enabled.

Remove Command Center and reinstall the Windows 8 version

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