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AW3210 Monitor purchase, Coupon price $437, Charged $515?

Hi, I just bought the AW3210 alienware monitor for $437 with 5 year's warranty using the 15% discount coupon. Yet I got charged $515 ( The full price )?

I only bought this monitor because it was on sale..... I used the coupon: "$?9ZZ6RKK2XZDF" This reduced the monitor price to $437.91. I have a screen shot of my checkout.... yet I still got charged $515, which is the total price before the discount... the money has been taken out of my account aswell I want a refund of my excess money spent if thats not possible I would like to cancel my order because I am not willing to pay $515 and your website said $437.



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Re: AW3210 Monitor purchase, Coupon price $437, Charged $515?

um call sales support?  not much we can do here cept maybe laugh at the fact dell messes up yet again?

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