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Access Web from Console?

Hi everyone,

I'm not a gamer so I would appreciate some help on this issue. I run a research trial looking at increasing the amount of exercise/activity older people do everyday. Part of that involves them playing a specific web-based game that has exercises prescribed by their physiotherapist using the Kinect sensor. I bought the console as I thought linking it to the TV would mean a decent size screen for my participants and a console with just one button to press would be easier than logging on to the computer and having them open a website (many of these people have never used the internet before!).

Is there a way I can create a link to a specific website on the console side and not the desktop side?

Thanks in advance.

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RE: Access Web from Console?


If you are referring to the Alienware Alpha system, unfortunately no. You can only access the Internet from the Desktop mode using a mouse and a keyboard. The Console mode is mainly used for launching games through Steam using the Xbox controller.

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