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AlienFX Control Software on new Motherboard?

After long and acrimonious struggles with the original motherboard I have upgraded my circa 2009 Aurora R2 with a new MB, Processor and Memory.

It now has ASUS B85M-E MB, Core i7-4770, and 16GB memory. Whooo hooo!

But then of course I had to reinstall Windows 7 x64. Now it all works, EXCEPT.

I installed Win 7 from the Alienware DVDs that came with it and, looked on the DVDs for the AlienFX lighting control SW [Control Center?].

I don't want the Media thing that flashes the lights with the Audio [is that what it is? anyway].

What I did find on the Hive site for my Service code is: App_DT_AWCC_W7_X04_Setup_TD4C0_ZPE

When i try to install this, it says:


Since the original machine was shipped with Windows 7 x64 - and with 8GB of memory - I'm not clear on why this should be true, unless the check failed because the system now has Win 7 SP1 - which was not out at the time - or the software is checking to find a DELL motherboard, which is no longer present.

Is it not supported to upgrade a Alienware system out of warranty to a new MB / Processor and still have the lighting work?

The lighting does actually work, in that it's lit up sometimes after a boot. During the boot it lights up - with the old settings - but sometimes after the boot it turns off. I of course want it to run all the time, and Since I am still running Windows 7, would like to be able to control the lighting with the AlienFX control center.

Any insight or comments from the DELL folks on this?

Thanks much. Love this system so much I want to keep it a long time.

- wg

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Re: AlienFX Control Software on new Motherboard?

A good example of how to clean-install (read carefully).


That's the right file. If might be looking for Alienware BIOS or maybe even MIO-Board (is it still connected?).

Maybe try an older version ... v2.7.x but not older.


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