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Alienware 13 R2 & Dell Dock (WD15)


I'd like to use Dell Dock (WD15) with my new Dell Alienware 13 R2 via Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C).
It is possible, isn't it?

If so, could the laptop be charged via this docking station?

What is the difference between 'WD15 with 130W Adapter' (Dell part 450-AFGM) and 'WD15 with 180W Adapter' (Dell part 450-AEUO)?
Which one to choose for my purposes (external monitor via VGA, network via RJ-45, external USB keyboard, USB headphones, USB Flash Drive)?

Please, advice. Any answer would be appreciated.

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Re: Alienware 13 R2 & Dell Dock (WD15)

Hey Dan, I am also pursuing this same desktop docking solution for my Alienware 13 R3. I already own an XPS 15 9560 and a WD15 (180w) which work flawlessly together, charging and all. Today was delivery day for my AW13 R3, and of course I tried hooking it up to the WD15. I was not greeted by the USB-C's glowing white light (which indicates charging), and instead greeted by a compatibility issue message. However, every other function of the dock functions properly. Everything ends up on the monitor and peripherals where it belongs, including Ethernet. I honestly thought the pair would work great together, but I'm still unsuccessful with power to the laptop. Hope this helps for now.

BTW I'm not quite sure why there is a 130w and 180w option or what the differences are besides the power brick. I chose the 180w in hopes something like this Alienware would be fed properly but yeah... We'll see.