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Alienware 13 Trackpad Settings


Just got my Alienware 13 today and I am trying to figure things out. For some reason I cannot locate any settings for the trackpad. I really want to change the natural scrolling, and disable 2 finger scrolling. 

I have been through the mouse settings but there is not synamptics section, and Device manager shows PS/2 Compatible Trackpad (Windows Default Driver). I tried locating drivers from Dell but they seem to not have any for the trackpad.

If anyone can help, that would be greatly appreciated.

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RE: Alienware 13 Trackpad Settings

Did you ever find an solution to this?  I'm having the same issue.  From what I can tell it seems dell doesn't have a driver for the trackpad.  I've tried multiple times, only thing that works is the standard windows driver.  Really disappointed, and dell hasn't been any help.

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