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Alienware 13 battery life

What is the average battery life for the Alienware 13? I'm only getting about 3 hours when I am only doing word processing and video watching? I get the feeling that this isn't what it is supposed to be and Dell's support pages are lacking in people to contact about it.

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RE: Alienware 13 battery life

It would be good to know your CPU and if you have an HDD or SSD.

I can get at most 9 hours, but usually around 6.5 to 7. 3 hours sounds like something I would get it I set the laptop on high performance power plan and do whatever I want to do.

The battery life on the laptop can be a bit wonky. You can have good battery life one day but mediocre the next. 

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RE: Alienware 13 battery life

Here's my experience:

I just got my AW 13 last week and I noticed other people have the weird battery drain issue. Well I can reproduce it consistently. When I am plugged in and power it on and just unplug the power inside of Windows the drain is like 7000-9000 mAh which equates to 6.5-7 hours. However, if I unplug it and start the machine cold the battery drain has a ridiculous range of 12000-26000 mAh. I can fix that every time by simply plugging the AC power in for a second and unplugging it and magically the drain backs down tot he 7000-9000 range. This is beyond bizarre. Can anyone else reproduce it? Mine came with the A03 BIOS and I just upgraded to the A04 which no luck. I also replaced the original Intel and Nvidia drivers with the official ones since this one has a GTX 960m. I started a support call but he's just having me run diagnostics, which isn't going to show a *** thing. It seems like there is a major bug in the system turning on from a battery state.

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