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Alienware 14 Permanent Battery Failure

My Alienware has had a battery failure and the battery does not charge. the icon on the bottom right corner of my screen is always empty, at 0% and says "plugged in, not charging". The LED light on my adapter still lights up. If I unplug my laptop, it shuts off immediately. Before moving I have to hibernate or shut down.

I've been living with this permanent battery failure on my Alienware for about 2 months now. I no longer am under warrentee and I don't know what my options are short of buying a new battery and installing it myself.

I can't even find new batteries on the Dell website though. What do I do?

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RE: Alienware 14 Permanent Battery Failure


I am working with the service team to find out the status of the battery. I will let you know as soon as I find out

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