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Alienware 14 R-1 Processor Problem

Earlier Today. I Randomly went to Alien Autopsy and performed a hardware checkup. After It completed. I started having problems. When I ran Robocraft (steam version) A game. The processor would only go to 3.09ghz. and the cpu usage would go to 100%. I also went to the Intel Fine Tuning thing and made sure all the turbo locks were enabled. It displayed that the processor was topping off at 3.15ghz.. And then I ran warthunder another game. i open task managaer and go to performance. and then it slows to 1.80ghz and cpu usage goes to 100% as well. EVERYTHING FUNCTIONS. But I would love For a alienware person or a Dell Person Or someone experienced to fix this. Because my load times have increased. And this problem is worrying Me. I have the $1099 version of the alienware 14 with The Intel i5 4210m stock speed @2.60ghz but I have it on turbo @ 3.20ghz. and the 2gb Gtx750m. I am Only a Novice at best when it comes to tempering with processors. So I decided to go on these forums to get someone to give me advice. Rather than fool around with settings and end up breaking the laptop ^_^. So please someone help me with this      I have also checked for driver updates and they are all up to date. I believe this is a hardware issue. because i have had 2 people who had 10 years in IP i believe it is called look at it and they could not figure out what was wrong. except both of the processor cores not having a 32 ratio or whatever it is called. So I Believe it needs to be replaced

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