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Alienware 14: Windows 8 Blue Screen Error Message

Hi Guys,

I have just updated my Nvidia graphics driver and after the restart, getting the following Blue Screen Error Message


And the thing is, from the recovery screen, I can't refresh/reset/system restore, as it shows the directory is locked, needs to be unlocked first.

Followings are my system specs

Alienware 14

Core-i7 4700MQ
16GB RAM, 64GB mSata+750GB HDD(7200 rpm), 2GB Nvidia GTX 765M

Windows 8 Pro(recently updated)

I have tried solutions from the following links, but none of them worked. Even if I need to re-install Win 8 pro, Need to recover some important data, but how to do that?




Thanks in advance for your help.

Best Regards


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RE: Alienware 14: Windows 8 Blue Screen Error Message

A driver update should be a good thing, not something that caused you headaches like this. 

From what I can tell you have done a large amount of troubleshooting on your own, and the big issue here is about why you cannot system restore and if you repair from usb or optical drive bootable.

Have you created any recovery media on a disc or USB?


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RE: Alienware 14: Windows 8 Blue Screen Error Message

yes, I did create a bootable recovery disc on USB. Tried with both bootable DVD and USBs, but nothing worked.

Also from the command prompt(in recovery screen), I tried to change the bootmenu policy(to get to safe mode and uninstall the Nvidia driver) using bcdedit tool, but everytime I ran any of the the following command it gave me the same error msg:

bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy

The boot configuration data store could not be opened.

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