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Alienware 14 sluggish and freezing

I bought my Alienware 14 about two months ago and ever since the day i opened the box it has been sluggish and has even froze from time to time. It is especially slow upon start-up, sometimes taking 10 minutes just to get to the login screen. I don't know what the problem is and any where I look for help doesn't seem to make sense to me or to even work. 

I would REALLY like some help figuring out what is wrong. I want this problem to be fixed because so far I am disappointed with my machine.

PS - I tried the Dell System Diagnosis but I can't seem to det Dell System Detect to run on my computer. It opens, loads for a second, and then closes without doing anything.

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RE: Alienware 14 sluggish and freezing

Hello Ccarucci10!

Have you tried running the alien Autopsy? or as well you can run the PSA diagnostic. 

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