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Alienware 15 R3 - i7 6820HK | GTX1070 | 4K IGZO problems’¡¤‘

I really really hate to say this but my experience with this laptop is extremely dissapointing. I received my Alienware 15 R3 about two days ago. And to my very painful dissapointment my unit has about every problem i've ever read about this laptop..

Here's the list:

  • On bootup, the laptop was still booting in manufacturing mode. (level 108). 
  • Uneven core temperatures up to a nearly 20 degrees celcius difference when benchmarking.
  • Gap between bezel and the IPS panel just above the alienware logo. (visible glue trace letting loose.)
  • Lightbleeds on multiple places because of the loose bezel / uneven pressure.
  • When connected to an external monitor, performance gets choppy / laggy.
  • When playing games, the processor easily reaches 80 / 90 degrees celcius. (not even playing heavy games, e.g. Grim Dawn. 

My next step will sadly be trying to get a new unit I guess. Man I really hoped I would've had more luck and let rumors be rumors. But sadly all of them were true in my case..



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RE: Alienware 15 R3 - i7 6820HK | GTX1070 | 4K IGZO problems’¡¤‘


Send me a private message with the service tag so I can assist you further.

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