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Alienware 17, 8 beeps on startup but not an LCD issue

I bought my alienware 17 in 2013 with no hardware issues until now. I startup the laptop and the screen does not work, with 8 beeps which indicates an lcd issue. I tried to fix it from other posts online but no luck, I then brought it to a repair guy and he figured out that it is not an LCD issue and most likely the motherboard or cpu, but still no fix and I'd rather not buy new parts just for the process of trial and error.

I can use it on an external monitor using hdmi no problem and after running tests it detects everything but the intergrated graphics, so can't be the lcd.

It happened after I was using an editing program and it crashed and then as I was in a hurry I closed my laptop mid crash and didn't try starting it up until the next day, this probably caused the issue.

If anyone has any idea what I could do, I would appreciate the help!

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Re: Alienware 17, 8 beeps on startup but not an LCD issue


8 beeps does usually indicate an LCD issue, but it could also be a motherboard failure. The only way we can confirm that is if we diagnose it in the repair facility. We may have repair options available for your system, send me your Service Tag in a PM so we can look into this. 

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Re: Alienware 17, 8 beeps on startup but not an LCD issue

Hey man, i have the exact problem, please how can you help me?

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