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Alienware 17 (Mid 2013) - A nightmare called Windows 10

Hi Everybody,

This is my experience with windows 10:

To make a long story short:

Updated to Windows 10 from windows 8.1 using the windows notification.

Checked that windows 10 was activated.

Changed my HDD with a brand new SDD and made a clean installation of Windows 10 using Windows 10 product key (found using a free software previously)

Then I understand that it was not the right procedure.

Started again from Windows 8 with a clean installation(  I Have the DVD provided by Dell ) made all upgrade passing though 8.1 and then 10.

Checked that my Windows 10 was activated on my new SSD

Checked with  a free software my product key and it came out that the product key was the same but my product id was different.

Then, just because i don't like easy stuff, i did a clean install again, Windows 10 recognized my product key and blocked it.

Spoke with Microsoft many many times, at the end i found someone that seems understanding something of computer stuff and opened a ticket for me.

Now i have windows 10 clean installed but not activated.

I'm going to use my computer as it is and if microsoft will not solve my problem i ll just crack my windows 10 only thing it's clear that Microsoft messes up driver installing it by itself, should i still install driver like Chipset, RST, video, audio etc provided by dell website?

Awaiting Yours


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RE: Alienware 17 (Mid 2013) - A nightmare called Windows 10


You can download the system drivers and Alienware applications from the Dell support site. Click here for the "Drivers and Downloads" link. You can use the drivers and Alienware applications that are listed for Windows 8.1. They have been tested and work properly with Windows 10. 

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RE: Alienware 17 (Mid 2013) - A nightmare called Windows 10

Dear Mirko,

You don't need enter any serial number/key when doing clean install windows 10, just skip serial and windows will activate your system automatically (note: your windows 10 must be activated before by upgrading).

I have same laptop with yours and same problem too with clean install before.

Here the solution:

- Reinstall windows 8.1 then update to windows 10, you'll see next your windows was activated.

- LOGIN to Microsoft account once activated, DON'T use local account cuz your system will be registered in Microsoft server ( you can see your device listed in account setting once login to live)

- If you need CLEAN INSTALL (I recommend it! windows factory reset has a bugs) just do it! SKIP serial number when installing windows. When finished, LOGIN by your Microsoft account again, your system should be activated.

# take a look in BOLD, its important.

Good luck

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