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Alienware 17-R1, hard disk failure! replacement?

My Alienware 17's hard drive failed earlier this morning. I ran diagnostics and unfortunately my hard drive failed the test, giving the error 2000-0151. It doesn't seem like I can do anything to fix it, so can someone please recommend a replacement?

Warranty: none

It's a mid 2013 version of Alienware 17

Thank you in advance.  

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RE: Alienware 17-R1, hard disk failure! replacement?

The part number for the hard drive that was installed is T9H3Y. It was used on several laptop models.

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RE: Alienware 17-R1, hard disk failure! replacement?

I suggest a 240gb or larger SSD. Laptop will boot faster and programs will load faster. Laptop will generally be snappier. I suggest Kingston or Samsung.

You will have to check inside or review manuals to discover form-factor.

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