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Alienware 17 R3 Does not Detect the GPU ( GTX 970m ) please help

hello every one , I got my Alienware last year and I was busy and I didn't used it that much , so I'm home now on vacation ( outside the states ) and I decided to run some games . so technically my machine is brand new .

At first my GPU was crashing and it says that ( intel was restarted )

some times my computer just freeze and I had to restart it 

the pc wasn't detecting my HHD , unless I go to ( computer management ) and I assign a new rout letter ( D or F ) this happened every time I boot it from shutdown ( it doesn't do it if I restart the machine or wake it from sleep ) so I decided to remove the HHD and I thought its a minor problem .

windows ran some updates a night before my last attempt to play some games ( 4th time to game ever on this machine ) I started my PC and it just froze , I waited some time then I gave up and did hard turn off , when I start it again my GTX 970 WAS GONE and it replaced by INTEL GRAPHICS , I went to nvidia experience and it told me that my GPU needs to be updated , I ran the update and it gave me this ( THERE IS NO COMPATIBLE GRAPHIC CARD ON YOUR SYSTEM ) 

I went to device manager and I didn't find the GTX 970m , I went to option and selected ( view hidden deices ) and my GPU GTX 970m was grayed out .

I tried to update it from the device manager and it gave me ERROR 45 ( reconnect your device ) 

since all of this happened after windows 10 update I thought its a software issue , I uninstalled the GTX 970m and since then ( I'm not able to find it ) , I tried every thing .

- I did clean reinstall of window 10

- updated my OS

- updated the BIOS 

- ran the diagnostics and every thing was running ( and when it tested my GPU , only INTEL GPU with 1 GB was tested ) 

I transfer my ownership to my country but the nearest serves center is 1000 miles away , and I have to wait for 15 days in order to transfer the ownership to my home country 

I called Alienware support and they told me that we will call you and you have to be near your PC when we call , and I'm waiting .

I appreciate All the help I can get , If any one of the tech guys can take control of my PC and tell me whats wrong with it , ( I'm in a deferent time zone so I afraid that I will miss the call from dell support )

thank you guys , I'm Dell user since 11 years any never ran into something like this , so sad 

best wishes 

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RE: Alienware 17 R3 Does not Detect the GPU ( GTX 970m ) please help


I forgot to mention that I disconnected the battery and pressed the ( on ) button for 30 seconds and waited 10 minutes before reconnect it .

# Dell contacted me and told me that I should call a special number because I'm out side the states .


is it shortage problem or software problem or my GPU is dead ??


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