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Alienware 17 R3 - lack of bluetooth

My Bluetooth facility keeps on dropping out after a period of use.

It is not through heat - I have had a thermal camera on it to check.. also the laptop was just ticking over after been switched off for a while.

I have the Intel WiFi card (8260?) in the laptop, and not the killer unit which seems to be a problem.

The latest drivers from the dell have been re-applied, but this still makes no difference.

The device that I am use on Bluetooth is a Logitech MX master (Bluetooth / wifi / cable).

Does anyone have any thoughts?

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RE: Alienware 17 R3 - lack of bluetooth


Did you only remove and reload the Bluetooth driver?

You can try removing the Bluetooth driver, then remove the wireless driver. Once that’s done you can reload the wireless driver and then reinstall the Bluetooth. Also make sure the system BIOS is up to date. Here is the link for the support page.

Let me know if that works.

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