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Alienware 17 R3

Anyone has any major issues with the Alienware 17 R3 laptop? I just bought it and have multiple issues.

1. External HDD Docking Station gets disconnected intermittently. (Testing on the HDD shows it works fine)

2. Nvidia only recognise my external monitor but not my laptop monitor.

3. intel graphics only recognise my laptop but not my external monitor

4. the 1920x1080 setting on the external monitor is not in proportion though it works fine on my old desktop.

5.  Fn+F7 to select graphic driver option doesn't work.

6. Web browser freezes 5-10 secs while gaming.

7. Screen freezes occasionally when doing routine stuff. A fan runs very loudly for 5-10s then it turns off and a 2nd fan turns on for another 5-10s. when the fans stop I regain control of my functions.

8. Totally unable to install most of the drivers. Either shows error or after restart, I get a blue screen loop.

9. When I tried to reinstall my McAfee it always says I need to restart my system before installation is permitted but no matter how many times I restart, it still shows same message.

10. Helpdesk did a OS restore and recovery but same issues persist.

I have been in contact with helpdesk for several days but still no improvement to the issues. Would appreciate if someone can advise what can be done. or how I can raise the issues to a higher level.

Alienware came with such good reputations and recommendations but it is a total disappointment to me so far. I should be gaming happily but I spend more time trying to resolve a new laptop instead.

Any advise is greatly appreciated.


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RE: Alienware 17 R3


We are very sorry to hear about these issues. Send me your Service Tag or case number in a PM so we can review the case.

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