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Alienware 17 R4 - Killer Connection Drop Solution + Abnormal Battery Wear

To Rodrigo or whomsoever this may concern,

First of all, I'd like to inform you that the connection drop problem with both the factory-installed AND also Dell replaced Killer 1435 cards was finally solved when Rivet Networks themselves sent me a replacement card directly. I've tested the Rivet card for over 2 weeks now and I can vouch for it that this was a hardware problem with the Dell cards. For similar customers who've tried everything driver-related and given up: Contact Rivet directly and give their free replacement cards a shot. Or pay up extra for getting an Intel one. Don't bother contacting  Dell about this. I've already sent the faulty Dell card to Rivet for further investigation.

Now, coming to the current problem, it's been 2 months of using this laptop and it's been plugged in 95% of the time.. I have ran it on battery occasionally to preserve it. However, as acknowledged by Alienware Reps before, the ones having the nVidia 1060 and i7's that come with the 180w Power Adapter frequently switch to hybrid mode on heavy graphics load. This causes plugged-in battery drain. That and maybe a lack of a feature which cuts off charging at a lower than 100% has lead to a 10% battery wear in less than 2 months. My battery capacity has fallen from 67990 mWh to 61499 mWh.

This isn't normal wear. And having contacted Dell/Alienware about this recently, I know they'll take forever to reach a conclusive resolution and won't eventually give me a replacement battery with a higher wattage power adapter to address this. It's why I got my previous case closed. But at least this would shed some light on how such problems are either ignored/maybe even planted in premium laptops for customers who've already spent a fortune to give Dell more money for replacement batteries. Smart but not necessarily that subtle. Anyway, Peace.

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