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Alienware 17 boot issue..

Ok I love my new laptop overall but I have one issue that is bugging me. I'll simply say what I do to load up the machine.

I turn it on and it loads up with the alienware boot screen just fine, but then the screen goes black and Windows 8 64 bit doesn't come up... I then have to close the lid and let the laptop go into sleep mode, after it is in sleep mode I open the lid and then Windows 8 loads up right away to the Windows Login screen.

I would appreciate any and all help on getting this issue resolved so it will fully boot up without having to go into sleep mode each time first.

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Re: Alienware 17 boot issue..

Hi Feisty76,

Request you to use the below link and update video drivers:


Click on drivers and downloads, select operating system and download video drivers corresponding to the video card that you have.

You may also try using a known good external monitor and check if it works.

Do reply with your answers.

Thanks and Regards,
Kiran Kumar
Dell Social Media and Community Professional
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RE: Alienware 17 boot issue..

I know it's been a while since I made my post and you responded, but I am guessing it was a windows 8 issue. After a bunch of Windows 8 updates it started to work perfectly. But I would just like to say the video driver tip you gave me did not work. Hopefully the windows 8 update that fixed my issue has fixed this issue for others that might of had it. Or I am just lucky and will take what I can get with windows lol.. *knock on wood*

Thanks for the help though, it was greatly appreciated.

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