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Alienware 17 nVidia Installations Failure Win 10

I've been getting a tremendously low frame rate of about 30-80 fps in games recently, and I figured that it was because I hadn't installed the required drivers after Windows 10 was installed. (I had a mortifying problem with Windows 10, halfway through the installation, it blue screened and fractured my OS, so I had to start anew basically, and download all the prior software.) When I attempt to install nVidia Experience again, it says I haven't got an nVidia gpu, which I know is completely false. Same outcome with individual drivers as well. I went to the Alienware Windows 10 support page and saw that one should uninstall prior drivers and etc. before reinstalling, and I found a fractured folder with the old nVidia software in it, none of which work. I attempted to do the setup from the files inside, but the config files are apparently missing.

Edit: I installed Nvidia Experience successfully, however the drivers refuse to download.

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RE: Alienware 17 nVidia Installations Failure Win 10


Can you please confirm what you show in Device Manager, under Display Adapters?

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