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Alienware 17 r4 high gpu temperatures

So i just got my new alienware 17 with a gtx 1070 and an Intel i7-7700hq.the cpu temperatures are fine, under load they max out at around 70 degrees Celsius . my gpu on the other hand reaches into the high 80's and even until 90 degree Celsius . there has been no overclocking , im testing and playing on a flat surface and a repaste with IC Diamond has been done. very confused and out of ideas . 

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Re: Alienware 17 r4 high gpu temperatures


Try running a video card stress test using the Support Assist tool. Please confirm how high the GPU temperatures goes during the test. Follow the steps below to run the test. 

  • Open Support Assist
  • Click on the Checkup option
  • Click run custom scan
  • Click on the GTX 1070 card
  • Select the Stress Test option

If you do not have Support Assist installed, click here for the download link.

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