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Alienware 17 with GTX 770M Display, Video, Red Distortion Lines, Reddish Display

Hello everyone

I bought this laptop back in September 2013, and I hadn't realized it was running the integrated Intel graphics until now (I haven't done much gaming since i bought it).

The Service tag is <Admin Note: removed per privacy policy>, in case you can see the specs.

I tried switching to the discrete graphics (GTX 770M) by pressing FN + F5 (I/D GFX key). 

When i switch and restart, the Alien Logo looks like this:

http://imgur.com/fqUqXvf (I took these with my cellphone)

And then after that everything looks like it has red lines and most of the colors are distorted. What's even more weird is that even the BIOS menu looks distorted like this, all the letters have a reddish hue around them.

Here's some more pics:

http://imgur.com/rjDQknv (Updating Drivers)


I also took video if needed

I have tried the following (All while switched to the dedicated graphics card, my eyes were hurting)

  1. Removing all Nvidia Drivers

  2. Installing drivers from Resource CD

  3. Installing updated drivers from support website

  4. Installed latest driver from Manufacturer site (I know sometimes that's worse, but I had to try)

  5. Updating BIOS to A08 Version

  6. Press F12 at boot and ran thorough Diagnostics on Video Card and entire Laptop (All Tests Passed)

  7. Press D while Powering up the laptop (Self Test), nothing detected

  8. Updated Chipset and Intel Engine Manager

I also tried using an external Samsung HDTV through the HDMI output. Here's where it gets weird, because the TV works perfect, no distortion or red lines or nothing. But the LCD from the laptop still looks distorted!, even when I extend the TV, one looks fine the other one doesn't.

I was thinking it could be the cable connecting the LCD to the mainboard, but then it would have the same problem when using the integrated graphics, wouldn't it?

I have yet to try the Mini DP output since I don't have an adapter handy. Although I doubt it would make much difference.

I had upgraded from W7 Home to W7 Ultimate x64 right after I bought it, so I'm thinking of resetting to factory settings as a last resort solution (though I don't think it 'll work)

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know, I would greatly appreciate them.[Smiley Very Happy]

PS1: its 3am, so I may be forgetting some stuff I did.

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RE: Alienware 17 with GTX 770M Display, Video, Red Distortion Lines, Reddish Display

I am having the same problem.  How can I fix this problem? I hope there is an easy fix.

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