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RE: Alienware 18 with dual AMD 290x connected to Asus pb287q 4k monitor goes on and off -unusable

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Hi There, thanks for getting back to me. And providing the link. I'd already had a technician replace the second graphics card. No luck, and I'd pretty much been through every version of catalyst I thought possible. Finally Dell sent the technician again. He replaced both GPUs the cross fire cable and the mother board, then it automatically prompted me to run catalyst again. (As I had uninstalled it). I'm not even sure what version of catalyst I'm using as it doesn't say, a specific version. Like it does in the usual place, but it says AMD CCC version 2014.0317.2206.37857. And I'm getting a pop up to install 14.4 (So it's before 14.4). But at least now the second card is enabled and crossfire can be switched on. The annoying thing though is everytime I install catalyst, it changes my Display drivers from 2 x R9 M290x to 2 x HD 8970 (the tech said the R9 has 2 names and HD8970 is one of them, but I don't feel comfortable without the official driver name, that is available from the dell website. I don't know why AMD keeps changing the driver. And I can't find much info on this so called HD8970 GPU. Did you have the same issue. I'm glad you fixed your monitor problem. But is 30Hz sufficient or doesn't it make any difference. Do you want to use 3 displays? Your laptop and your 2 monitors, or just the 2 monitors? Thanks for your reply.


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