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Alienware 4GB GTX 690 Crashing due to overheating

I just purchased this machine and it arrived yesterday.  Pulled it out of the box got it all set up and running and threw on my first came COD MW3 and attempted to play.  To my very unpleasant surprise the game crashed maybe after 30 second to 1 min of game play.  Had to hard boot the computer in order to get it back up.  I then booted up and changed the graphics settings to the lowest, and once again same thing happened.  I spent the next 3 hours trying out various options.  This morning I finally called into Dell and spent 1.5 full hours trouble shooting it only to find out the graphics card is overheating.  They told me they were going to be sending me a replacement card and it should arrive Monday.  

When I pay more than $3K on a computer system I shouldn't have to go through this kind of hassle.  At this time I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.  From reading through a lot of these forums this seems to really be an ongoing problem with significant amount of people.  The sad thing is this has been going on for many, many months.   You would think Dell and NVIDIA would fix this problem to avoid all the back and forth of wasted employee money and replacement parts.  I suspect that cost could easily exceed the cost of the profit made from this computer.  

It's pretty sad that my card heats up to over 105 C within 30 seconds of starting to play a game.  Obviously this entire machine is poorly designed.  

Very disappointed.  

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