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Alienware AREA 51-ALX


I Have had this computer for a little over a month now. Since day one I have been having a problem with the computer crashing while im using it. From time to time when i  open a program the computer makes a strange sound and the screen throws up a bunch of scrambled colors for about a second then I get a blue screen with abunch of writing. after that the computer resets. This seems to only happen When im playing a game and I minimize or maximize the screen. When i close the game. Or when i Open a program like skype or internet broweer  It doesent always happen but sometimes and its been happening more often lately. Have anyone else had this problem?

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Re: Alienware AREA 51-ALX

* Power the PC off
* Open the side cover and remove/reseat all cables, cords, cards, ram, just to make sure nothing came loose
* Replace the side cover
* All USB peripherals should be plugged into the PC rear USB ports. DO not plug them into the monitor USB ports

Did you find anything loose?

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Re: Alienware AREA 51-ALX

After you do what Chris suggested above, you can run Dell Diagnostics to check all your hardware (outside of Windows).

If it passes, your hardware should be ok. Then you start looking at your Windows OS, drivers, and the apps/games themselves. You also have to make sure the system isn't compromised with malware (virus, trojan, etc.)

If the system becomes unstable, it's better to just reboot to reset everything (as opposed to keep using it and hoping it will get better).

By using the Reliability Monitor and the Event Viewer ... you can usually get a good idea about where the problems stem from.


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