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Alienware Alpha A, unable to remove user detail with factory reset?

Hi All,

I am having trouble removing my windows account and user detail using either the Windows 8 reset tool or the alien respawn to factory setting tool. 

After running either applications (which ran successfully), the system will still boot into windows 8 with my account details. I would like to reset it so that all my information is removed. It seems that at some point after the reset the account information is automatically restored. I would like to reset it so that it starts with the original windows 8 set up menu when it came.

Has anyone had any issues like this? Would really appreciate the help.

Thank you

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RE: Alienware Alpha A, unable to remove user detail with factory reset?


Remember that Windows has 2 different options: Refresh and Reset.

When you Refresh your PC:

  • Windows will save your personal files, personalization settings, and Modern apps installed from the Windows Store.
  • Windows will reset your PC settings.
  • Windows will remove all installed desktop programs. A list of the removed programs will be saved to your desktop.

By resetting your computer settings and removing all desktop programs, Windows can “refresh” your PC so it’s more like a fresh install without deleting your personal files.


When you Reset your PC, Windows will remove everything. Think of this like doing a complete Windows reinstall and formatting your hard drive.


Also, make sure to select Remove everything and reinstall Windows when you see this image:


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