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Alienware Area 51 Power Cord

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Recently got a used Area 51 but there isn't a power cord and I spent 30 minutes looking for one online and I cant find one. Anyone know where I could get one?

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RE: Alienware Area 51 Power Cord

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Is the 2009 Area 51-R1? In what country are you going to use it?

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RE: Alienware Area 51 Power Cord

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Area-51 R2 dp/n 800GY Delta Electronics 1500w / 1440w 12v Max Power Cord 


original power cord


depending on your country, USA uses a C19 5 15P >< Heads-up: found 1500W psu stock A-51 R2

  • C19 server-grade for psu
  • 5 15P for USA wall socket
  • 14awg / 14gauge
  • 15amp | 16amp
  • high-temp jacket of 60c - 105c
  • 6 - 10ft preferred

My cord is 10feet long, 60c temp insulating jacket 300v 14awg, plug says 15amp 125v. My beefier 6foot cord for Nzxt Hale90 1200w is rated 105c 300v 14gauge 16amp 125v. You're encouraged to google-fu the above specs. A C19 sqware 14awg 6-10ft with a wall-socket male-pronged-end appropriate for your country 'should' suffice


Low-power & non-server-grade PSU's will most likely use a C13 (5 15p) 18awg|16awg (fatter)


Area-51 R1 1000|1100|1200w >< R2 / R3 / R4 850w >< Aurora R1-R6 460|525|850|875w

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