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Alienware Aurora Excessive Fan Noise

Hi everyone,

I have had an alienware aurora desktop for a little under a year now (since april 2012) and for a long time (close to as long as remember, but might just be about 6 months) the fan has always been very loud. It will typically start when i start up the computer and then slows down until i start up any type of program with any type of display, (games, videos, internet, etc.) and it will then stay on until I turn the computer off. I am not sure if it is the video card that is doing it or just the computers fan. 

Can anybody help?

Thanks a bunch

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Re: Alienware Aurora Excessive Fan Noise

Hi xRandomLegendx,

It is normal that the fan always spins with an increased or decreased speed depending on the load. Request you to use the below link and update BIOS:


Also clean the air vents with a can of compressed air.

You may also want to run a diagnostics by using the below link:


Also you can remove the cover of the computer and clean the components inside with a damp cloth. You may use the below link to get information on removing the cover:


Do reply with your findings.

Thanks and Regards,
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