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Alienware Aurora PC (2008 Model) How do I remove the Dell 365 internal Bluetooth or disable it?

After all these years I have found out that my PC has a internal Bluetooth, even after calls to dell asking if mine did come with one and I was told no. When I was told no I went w/ a aftermarket USB Bluetooth Kinivo BTW0400 which has served me flawlessly for years until lately.

I use OOntz ultra and Angle 3xl speakers and when I got my latest one (3xl) is when the Dell 365 internal bluetooth came to life and made my life ***. Even if you try disabling the 365 it still will not  letthe BTW-400 re-install properly.

My last thought was that I could just go into the PC and remove the 365 and be done with it, but where would I find it???

One of the issues that the 365 caused was on the speakers>playback devices my bluetooth headphones/speakes would show disconnected. To fix that I just removed the realteck sound and drivers and installed the widcomm driver for win7 64 bit using only the Dell internal 365 bluetooth.

Speaker does work fine but my other oontx (3xl) will not pair and when trying to do so screws up everthing ! I have to uninstall the widcomm and reinstall it to get it to work with my smaller oontz ultra.

You ask why would I want a external usb bluetooth when my internal one seemed to now sort of work Simple I have used a USB extension cord and setting the bluetooth next to my window and I could stream music to my OONTZ Ultra on the patio. This setup has worked fine for many years and no the issue is not with the BTD-400 itself as I had a second one to try and i still have the same issue.

Calls to OONTZ and Kinivo have gotten me nowhere, the only thing I was told was to disable the Dell365 and for some reason I can not. BTW I believe that it does not even show up in my BIOS

Can someone out there please help its driving me nuts!


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RE: Alienware Aurora PC (2008 Model) How do I remove the Dell 365 internal Bluetooth or disable it?

For an Aurora R1, you can either disable the Dell 365 BlueTooth Module from:

1. Device Manager (where varies, depending on Windows 7, 8 ). I couldn't get it to work under Win-10 and so I disconnected mine too.

2. Inside PC, disconnect BT module from MIO-Board. 

Edit: On my Aurora, it's a 1 inch circuit board held inside the front case with a black knob.


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RE: Alienware Aurora PC (2008 Model) How do I remove the Dell 365 internal Bluetooth or disable it?

The Aurora-R1 Service Manual page 100 discusses the removal of the Bluetooth Module.


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