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Alienware Aurora R4 GPU upgrade question-

Hi there! I have had my Alienware Aurora R4 for a year now, in anticipation for the Oculus Rift which I have now pre-ordered. 

My current card is a gtx770, and I am planning on upgrading to either a 970 or 980ti. My question is, will either graphic cards fit in the tower of the R4? 

I do not have alot of experience in replacing computer parts so it is a little daunting to me, are there any videos or tutorials on how to go about removing hardware from the R4?

And advice/clarification is much appreciated! 

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RE: Alienware Aurora R4 GPU upgrade question-


We did not validate the GTX 970/980 as a GPU option for the Aurora R4, therefore, we cannot confirm if it will fit and function properly with this system. However, several users have confirmed success with non-validated GPUs, I found this thread from the Alienware Arena forum which may be helpful. 

Alienware Arena

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RE: Alienware Aurora R4 GPU upgrade question-

I have a Titan X installed and it fits, no issues at all. 

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