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Alienware Aurora R4 without SpeedStep Overclock

Hi! I haver a Dell Alienware Aurora R4 new with a i7 3930k with maximum configuration and full pre-overclocked.

My problem is that I need the PC running overclocked, buy without speedstep.

I try to change de CPU ratio to 41, but i don't see any difference. I use CPU-Z and show me a 3,2Ghz CPU (with speedstep disable).

I have the A07 BIOS. I'm afraid to use the Gear Ratio, because I read that at 1,25 it will be dangerous.

How can I set the overclock to 4,1Ghz without SpeedStep? Thanks!

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RE: Alienware Aurora R4 without SpeedStep Overclock

Hi Yengalvez,

Checkout this article on properly changing the overclocking setting on your BIOS. After that, you can also checkout this other article to check the CPU's frequency.

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