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Alienware Aurora locking up.

Hey there.

I've had my Alienware Aurora desktop for a little over a year now. And I'd say a few months after, I started to get these problems.

What happens is that the computer will lock up with a solid colour on the screen, no input is read after that and I have to do a hard reset on the computer every time this happens. Once in awhile it will also just stop displaying on my monitor, however if I'm in skype at the time I can continue to talk in the call, although there's no output on my monitor. I've gotten around it for so long by just cranking up the fans on my computer through the Thermal Controller. Normally I can play games and do whatever I wish on the computer without it overheating with the fans around 70%. However recently it's been locking up playing games even when the fans are cranked up to 80-90%.

My assumption is that it has something to do with the video cards overheating.

If there is anyway anyone could assist me in this problem or give me any ideas I would be all ears as I'm quite sick of having to deal with it and don't want to cause anymore permanent damage to my computer than I already have. I've also tried updating all of my drivers as well. But it seems that hasn't fixed my problem.

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Re: Alienware Aurora locking up.


What specific Aurora revision? What video card? What video card driver version? What Command Center version?

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