Alienware CPU & GPU Upgrade

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Is the CPU also upgradable on the Alienware 17 (Mid 2013) (<ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>)? (It has an Nvidia 860m 2gb gpu, and an Intel i7-4710mq).

Also if, for example, I get the 880m (I know from other posts about this computer it's been verified for this model. Not the 900m series though, unfortunately. :/ ) would I have to do it myself, or does dell offer a service to upgrade components? I'd rather not mess up my computer if I can get an 880m.

So essentially what options do I have for cpu and gpu upgrades and how do I approach it?

If I can buy these things still, where would I go? Just email dell sales support about it?

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RE: Alienware CPU & GPU Upgrade

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The validated GPU and CPU upgrades for your Alienware system are below. 


Radeon R9 M290X

Nvidia GTX 880M







You can try contacting the Sales support department so they can confirm if we have the parts available.  

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RE: Alienware CPU & GPU Upgrade

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Ok. Thank you.

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RE: Alienware CPU & GPU Upgrade

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let us know how much it costs. if it's too much get 17 R3...since an option of graphic amplifier for future updates.

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