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Alienware Graphics Card Upgrade

So I have a x51 R1 alienware and I am looking to upgrade my graphics card from a GT 545. My power supply is 240w I believe. I saw previous posts in this forum that the recommended upgrades are GT 640, GTX 645, GTX 660, and GTX 660ti. I am looking to upgrade it into a GTX 660 or 660ti but it says I need a power supply of 450w in the nvidia website and the best psu I can upgrade to without making major modifications is the 330w AC adapter. I am wondering why the GTX 660's are recommended even though the power supplies can only go up to 330 watts? Unless you can run it with the 240w or 330w adapters even though the website says it requires 450w. Also, it seems like the GTX 750ti is a good choice but its not on the recommended list? It runs better than the GT 640 and it uses 300w compared to the 450w so there is a less chance of heating problems.

Thanks in advance

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RE: Alienware Graphics Card Upgrade

As you said those are the only video cards we tested in the X51R1 and all of them will work properly with the 330w ac adapter since the power consumption is not that high.

In the other hand we didn't validated the 750ti so I cannot assure that it will work properly.

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