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Alienware Laptop 14" wont boot up...

I've had this laptop over 2 years (past warranties) and ever since I downloaded Windows 10, I've had issues with speed and performance. However I do not know if this issue is related to the OS.

Today, I opened up my laptop to boot it up and it opened Alien Respawn. No idea why. Anyway, it checked everything, restored, and finished. Asked me to reboot. So I rebooted it and now it wont boot up. It's stuck on a black lit screen. Sounds like the hardware is working but nothing comes up. My mouse can be seen if I move it around but goes away. Only other thing is I had 1 flicker to white screen for a moment, but that went away.

Hopefully someone knows how to fix! Thanks 🙂

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RE: Alienware Laptop 14" wont boot up...


Try CTRL+ALT+DEL, select task manager then File/Run and type explorer.exe. If this doesn't work then you will probably need to perform a clean install.

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RE: Alienware Laptop 14" wont boot up...

OS bug causes misc errors to drivers, triggered by odd stuff.  Research anneversary bug.  So far the best thing I've come up with is to download a startup troubleshooter released by Microsoft to fix the problems all I have to do is get the computer that won't login, to login, go to their website, download the troubleshooter, install it, run it, and then restart my computer apparently.  Honestly though my girlfriend's computer is sketchy and buggy since the update but Harris hasn't crashed and stuck in the loop like mine it just gets really laggy at login from time to time and her mouse pad trackpad driver is absolutely losing its mind and even if you want install and reinstall and it's fixed when you shut the computer off and turn it back on it reverts to being messed up again.  Best of luck,  I just had to withdraw from cs225 and my online school because my primary computer is now dead, stuck at login.  Pretty expensive mess.

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