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Alienware Laptops and World of Warcraft Launcher Freeze

I came very close to returning a $3000 machine back to Dell because of an issue with the game I bought the thing for in the first place.

World of Warcraft would load once on the new Alienware laptop, but after that it would only load the launcher, and when you hit play, it'd freeze and not load the game environment.  Support forums around the net would state that the only way around this was to load the WoW.exe program directly.

Dell said it was Blizzard's fault.  Blizzard said it was Dell's fault.  Well here's the truth:

It's Dell's fault...

Dell sent me a $3000 computer without the updated drivers for my equipment installed.  Microsoft even updated them slightly automatically, but even then, those weren't the correct drivers either.  Blizzard Entertainment with its Cadillac program World of Warcraft, will write programming for its game off of the drivers supplied by the component manufacturer's for the parts that Dell puts into its equipment.  So Blizzard bases its game off of the most up to date drivers there are.  So in the curious case of the hardware versus software discrepancies, Dell is clearly at fault here.

But what is at fault?

Two components actually: The Geforce 555m graphics display card and the Killer 1103 wireless/ethernet card.  Both will need to be updated from their prospective websites.  Go to these websites to get the updated drivers.



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