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Alienware Lights wont turn on!

A few days ago I turned my X51 Alienware computer off.And then the next day when I went to turn it on again the Front logo (the little alien) And the side panels wouldn't up!The side panels are boring and white and the little alien is just black.I went on the support thing and did what it said (Uninstall and re install Alien FX)But it didnt do anything..Any help on this one?Are there batteries that can die or something wrong with my power?My TactX keyboard and TactX mouse lights still work though..

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Re: Alienware Lights wont turn on!

You might get a better response if you re-posted this in the Alienware Club forum. 


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Re: Alienware Lights wont turn on!

Hi Sucerpunch,

I have replied to your post. Refer the link below for the resolution:


Awaiting your response!

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