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Alienware M11X R3 Ordering...

Alienware M11XR3

Status: Work in Progress
Estimated Delivery Date: 8/5/2012

Order Date: 10/4/2012

Does anyone know how long it take for the term "Work in Progress"?

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Re: Alienware M11X R3 Ordering...

Hi LouisX, most of the time is not as much as it shows on the website.

But send these guys an email so they can follow up with you: US_CC_SMB_Customer_Care@Dell.com

*Make sure you add your order number in to the email 😃

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Re: Alienware M11X R3 Ordering...

Thanks FrankatAW.

By the way, can I change the RAM after I receive the laptop? Example, my laptop on purchase is 4GB (2x2GB) then I change it to 8GB(2x4GB) without turn on the laptop once receive. Any impact?

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Re: Alienware M11X R3 Ordering...

you can change parts  but must retain original for warranty reasons ,   (rules out your parts being issue) and  if you damage anything it voids warranty  otherwise  sa'll good

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