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Alienware M11xR2 CPU Heat Issue

Hello everyone. Recently I did a system restore to undo a driver installation that was causing me problems and chaos ensued afterwards. Long story short, I ended up doing about three restores. I then noticed that while running games my CPU temperature increased by about two or three egrees than what it used to reach, getting to 80-82 (it never used to breach 80).

I had reinstalled windows back in March and the same thing happened afterwads: the CPU temperature went up significantly.

Is there an issue with Windows computers and restore that can lead to an increase in CPU temperature? I say Windows because I had the same issue with my old computer, a Compaq. After restoring it to factory settings, it ran at a significantly higher temperature permanently.

Any help is appreciated.

Alienware M11xR2
Windows 7 64-bit SP1
4 gig RAM
Intel Core i5 U520 @ 1.07GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GT 335M Version 270.61

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Re: Alienware M11xR2 CPU Heat Issue

I had the same issue.  Before I restore my system, i could run starcraft 2 on high setting and play fine without much lag but after i restored my system and installed all the drivers from dell, starcraft two and company of heroes would stumble after about 10-15 min of play time.  Company of heroes even crashes because the cpu or gpu gets so hot.  I finally found a few tricks that help it a bit and that is to 1) lift up the vent location (the stock legs are too short for proper airflow) and 2) buy a cooling pad that not just blows air into the vent but also all over the bottom of the laptop.  I use to tthink that cooling anywhere else besides the vent fan was useless till I notices that my palm rest and other locations gets super hot and having a good cooling pad to cool off all area of the laptop really helps.

-Had my M11x R2 for about 1 and 4 months now.  Really wished i bought a different gaming laptop. :(. 

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