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Alienware M14x (Early 2011) and OpenGL update

I've installed Widows 8 Pro on my M14x with a Solid State drive which after awhile then proceeded to crash, Dell came out a replaced the drive with a regular one and I reinstalled everything again. I cannot update the OpenGL to 2.0 or above. This has an Intel 3000 series chipset. I need to update this so I can run some new graphics software with Photoshop CC 2015. The program that is causing me problems is On One Software which keeps saying it requires OpenGL 2.0 or above and returns an Error code 1018. Can any one help? If not, then this M14x is nothing but a big boat anchor, with an Albatross attached.

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RE: Alienware M14x (Early 2011) and OpenGL update

Proper way to clean-install is here:




This is assuming you can no longer use Recovery Partition. Basically, you install Windows from DVD
to blank drive. It should finish without error. You can skip BIOS updates. Install Chipset drivers first, followed by proper
drivers in listed order. Unless you truly have a disc-RAID setup (rare), I recommend to skip Intel-RST completely.

After that it should work.

However, the Intel 3000 GPU is only for light use like web-browsing and email. I suggest you switch to NVidia GPU when running those graphics apps. It has more power and likely better OpenGL support.

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