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Alienware M14x R2 Hard drive failure - UK

Hi everyone, I bought my Alienware M14x R2 back in Jan of 2013, and sadly today I think my hard drive has failed (Of course the warranty would be out too). I ran the ePSA diagnostics I have the error code 2000:0142 and it fails to recognise my HDD, although my BIOS still does and sadly I can't do anything to fix it myself, or rather think of anything in which I can do. I need a quick answer if anyone has one but basically is there anywhere in the UK where I can get repairs (Pref West Yorkshire) and also is there any reason to do this? I am looking to build my own PC soon and from the options I have seen the repairs prices going for well over £120 and I don't really want to pay that as I don't plan on keeping the laptop for too long.

Dell doesn't look like they offer repair services online, where can I go to get some repairs for it? Or any advice is appriciated and thank you.

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RE: Alienware M14x R2 Hard drive failure - UK

You can take it to any repair shop since they just need to replace the hard drive and install windows.

If you feel comfortable trying it here is a disassemble video that might help you and an article that explain you how to install windows. 

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RE: Alienware M14x R2 Hard drive failure - UK

See above for the instructions in deassembly. £120 is reasonable for the cost of the drive and the labour costs however a repair shop will likely install a 2.5" HDD opposed to a 2.5" SSD.

If you want your system to perform substantially better you should get a SSD for example the Crucial MX200:


You could also get a hybrid drive (mid performance):


The mechanical drive is the lowest performance:


For Windows 8.1 installation see here:


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