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Alienware M14x battery not recognized

Alienware M14x build March 14, 2014.

The original battery was a Sanyo 8X70T

Replacement battery was a Dynapac

This is an issue Pro-Support has yet to resolve. I have another 18mo of Complete Care and Pro-Support.

The issue is that the BIOS (A09) does not recognize the batteries on boot. Before the Alienware screen, I receive a "battery not recognized" error.

After booting I ran Dell Support Assist (included with the system) The system check completed recognizes the new and old batteries and indicates that there is no error with the new battery. Window 7 Ultimate SP1 recognizes the battery but indicated the battery is not charging.

No error messages are reported for the power supply.

Pro-Support has replaced the motherboard, checked the power supply, but the issue persists.

Any thoughts? Dell, please do not send a link to Alienware AI Assistant. There is nothing there on that site relevant to this case.

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RE: Alienware M14x battery not recognized


Send me your service tag in a PM so we can review your case. 

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Re: Alienware M14x battery not recognized

I know this is an old post but I have this same question. Suddenly my 17R3 popped this warning on me, battery not recognized, cannot charge battery because it is not recognized. When I get to my hoem screen initially it shows the battery as discharged, but once everything is up and running it shows fully charged. I ran the Dell system checkup and the battery passed. I am a bit confused by this.

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