I have the Alienware m14x R2 for about 2 months and have noticed severe performance drops playing various games such as WoW, BF3 and CS:GO. Upon various troubleshooting methods, including the on suite dell doctor,  I have installed CPUID software to monitor my CPU and GPU temperatures. CPU is going 85 under gaming load and idles around 74, which I have been told is far too high for a i7. This is WITH a 5 fan cooling pad underneath the unit itself. All temps are recording on a solid surface (my old computer desk) in a well ventilated area.


I have tried everything to remedy the fault myself, Updated all drivers and even checked to see if there was a BIOS update. Checked graphics drivers and optimus settings for the performance loss and everything seemed fine. I re.fuse to open the unit it myself, because it will void warranty


I am still under warranty which is why I posted here to give the views and opinions on what steps should I take next?