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Alienware M17X-R2 Booting, Lighting, and Performance Problems


I purchased my laptop in August of 2010 and immediately began receiving "AC Adapter not supported" messages, but I didn't think much of it. Throughout the past year, the problem has slowly worsened. Within the last 6 weeks I began having severe performance issues, the Alienware lighting (the keyboard, alien head, etc) stopped working, and finally the laptop stopped turning on all together. I located the problem with turning it on to the battery - for some reason when I take the battery out it will turn on, but with the battery in, it begins to turn on but immediately goes to a gray screen and then shuts off repeatedly.

In conjunction with these frustrating errors, I've received no help from Alienware or Dell after contacting them. When I tried to contact Dell online and check my details, it asked for my service tag number, but for some reason, my service tag was not in the system. The only way to contact support was by phone, so about a month ago I called Alienware technical support and stayed on the phone with them for nearly 2 hours when the representative finally told me (after correcting the issue with my service tag number) that a technician would be coming to my house in three days to check out my laptop. I waited at home all day, no one came. It was imperative that this technician showed up because I only had three weeks left in the United States until I was moving to the UK for a year. I tried one more time to contact Technical Support by email, but I never received a reply.

Unfortunately, after going through hell trying to get a hold of either Alienware or Dell in the United States to fix my laptop, I was never able to get any sort of assistance or response. Now that I've moved to the UK, I'm not sure if my warranty covers the laptop here or not. About a week and a half ago I tried emailing Alienware UK to try to get some assistance or enlightenment about what I could do to solve this dilemma, but low and behold... no response. Just another email blown off by Dell. For clarification, I checked my bulk, spam, and trash mail and the website claimed that I should expect an email within three business days. I'm absolutely stumped. I have no clue what I can do, but something must be done to replace this defective laptop because I need a PC for school.

Aside from the negative, when the laptop DID work properly (a long, long time ago) I was amazed by it and loved it! However, after spending $3000 dollars on a laptop that i hoped would get me through school, I would hope for better service, or any service for that matter. It didn't even work adequately past the first semester. I will not be buying Dell or Alienware ever again, I feel like I've thrown my money in the trash.

If anybody can enlighten me on what can be done about this laptop, or how in the world I can get in touch with a helpful Dell representative and get a refund or a laptop that works properly, I would GREATLY appreciate it! Thanks!

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Re: Alienware M17X-R2 Booting, Lighting, and Performance Problems

Your warranty is global. You may have to go through a few hoops to have it transferred but that should not prevent Dell from replying to you. You MUST phone them. They never reply to email communications unless your case is alread being handled by a support tech ...and even then he may overlook you because they have to give priority to incoming calls.

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