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Alienware M17X R2 Removable Storage Driver Question


I've had my Alienware M17X R2 for almost 2 years now and I'm getting ready to format and do a clean install. I've read and printed many guides from this forum and from my Dell Product Support page for my service tag.

I've downloaded all of the drivers available from my Dell Product Support page for my O/S (Win7 Ultimate 64-bit), read each driver description carefully, compared them to the ones that came with my Alienware Resource DVD, copied (in the proper install order) to a USB drive and my NAS.

Under "Removable Storage" there are 2 drivers. My question is about TSST-Firmware (R306353) which applies to TS-T633C 12.7mm Slotload 8x DVDRW. SO I went back to my original configutarion page (which has not changed since purchase) and saw that I have an Alienwar/Dell part FT19C: Blu-Ray Rewritable, 4X, Serial Ata, 12.7, Panasonic. My system was purchased after September 2009.

So, I downloaded the firmware, decompressed it, ran the upgrade (Tsdnwin.exe), pointed to the bin file that came with the firmware upgrade and an error box came up stating "This firmware is not compatible with the selected drive". I double checked my Dell Product Support page and verified that my Alienware model was listed (M17X R2) which is was.

I've read thru more than 100 Driver Question posts on this forum before asking an already answered question, but was unable to find anything concerning this firmware update for the M17X R2.

Hoping that I put enough information for the issue to be recreated by others or someone has had experience with this issue. Any suggestions as to what I may be doing wrong/omitting? Any additional insight would be greatly appreciated.


Respectfully Submitted.

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Re: Alienware M17X R2 Removable Storage Driver Question

Even if you submit a service tag number on the File Library, you will see all of the drivers for all of the devices on the M17x-R2 line. So there will be drivers for hardware that you do not have. The M17x-R2 shipped with 11 different DVD drives. You have the Panasonic FT19C drive so the Toshiba Samsung TS-T633C firmware doesn't apply to you.

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