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Alienware M17X R3

Hello everyone.

I came around here to share my experience with my Alienware M17x R3 that i bought in august 2011, at the price of 1500€. At first, I was super excited getting myself such a laptop (although most could say it wasn't the best, it was still pretty impressive, performance speaking, compared to what I grew up with). But the very same day I started the PC, the problem started. Since the very first day that I received and launched for the first time the computer, I had blue screens problems (0x09F).

Obviously, I ended up calling Dell's technical support to get as much help as possible and to find a way to sort out these random blue screens. When i mean random: I clearly mean random. Sometimes they were happening 3-4 times a day, sometimes i had them 5 times in a row. You could say that I ended up knowing the whole technical french speaking support crew by the amount of time spent and calls made with them. They clearly were embarrassed by the issue, we were looking hard through the problem, going from checking the RAM, the usb ports, checking if windows wasn't involved with some sort of update, restoring windows completly and so on ... 

At some point, close to the end of the two year warranty, I ended up getting mad and shake them up so we could do something more practical than being on the phone on one of my day off taken trying to fix it. They sent my alienware and ended up switching the hard drive and the motherboard (at that point, when it came back, I thanked GOD that it was still under warranty...). Although those both hardware were replaced, the problems still occured and we ended up being at the same spot since the beginning: numbers hours on the phone looking for the problem, yet it was still there. Time passed by, and my warranty ended up coming to an end.

By the end of august 2014, during my exam period, I didn't really have a choice but to call, once again, and try to solve the problem, although I think you could understand if I told you I was kind of discouraged after 3 years of searching.The last time I had a technician on the phone (the 25th of august), we updated my bios version. During a week, the bluescreens were still around but not as much, and on sunday 31st august, the computer just simply turned off by itself. The people who have an Alienware laptop will know what i mean: when the charger is plugged in, there's normally a blue ring showing there's electricity going through, but at that point, that very same ring isn't on, there's not more blue light. But this is the least of my problem, let me explain with more details. The moment the computer turned off, there wasn't a single hint that it would happen. The blue screens only showed up twice during the day (which was casual for me). I was playing that the game was totally fluid and I didn't have a single lag the previous minutes it fatally turned off by itself. It just simply and easily turned off itself in a snap. I tried turning it back on with the charger plugged in, plugged out ; with battery on (which was fully charged), and off... Every possibilities but the computer just doesn't turn on again... 

I called Dell, once again, which proposed to me to change the charger and the motherboard for a total price around 550€.... After fighting with Dell during 3 consecutive years trying to fix the bluescreens problem, and on top of that having the computer to die like that, I definitly will not pay a single coin anymore on it. I'm actually expecting Dell to make a commercial move.

So there was my (long) story. Trust me, with that computer I've been through so much. For example, the bluescreens happening when you are working for uni, is clearly annoying, (to remain the most polite as possible). I wanted to know your opinion about this story, and on top of that: what should I do with the dead Alienware? any opinions? suggestions? remarks? please don't hesitate and let me know.

Thank you for your time to read this, and forgive me for the english mistakes, it isn't my mother language.

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