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Alienware M17X volume issue

My alienware audio goes up to max volume without assistance.  I can be viewing websites or watching a movie and randomly the alienware sound bar will appear above the system tray icons, in the bottom right corner of the screen, and will go up until it reaches max volume.  The bar usually will stay on the screen even after it reaches max volume. It stayed on the screen because it was still trying to raise the volume bar further even though it was at max volume.  Every time it goes to max volume and I lower the volume back to normal the computer will raise it back to max again.  It doesn't instantly raise it,  it goes up gradually when the problem starts.

 I have tried disabling the sound drivers and re-enabling and the problem persists.  I also tried reinstalling the driver.  When it occurred last time I muted the sound and the bar continued to raise.  It acts like the computer thinks the volume increase keys are being pressed nonstop.  Any ideas?

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RE: Alienware M17X volume issue


It sounds like a hardware problem with the volume keys. You could try removing the keyboard and installing it back in to make sure nothing is getting in the way of the volume keys. Click here to view a video that explains how to remove the keyboard and other system components. 

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