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Alienware M17x R4 Graphics Card upgrade?

Hey everyone,
So last Christmas I bought an Alienware M17x R4 with a GeForce GTX 660M. 
I was wondering if I could upgrade my graphics card? Everything I have found has said yes that I can, however I was wondering how I could
go about getting a new one? From what I found I believe I can upgrade to a GTX 680M - Can anyone confirm this?
I know how to install the new Graphics card, I guess my real question is how can I go about getting the new one and from where? Also what will
the pricing look like? Will I need a new heat sink and thermal paste?


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RE: Alienware M17x R4 Graphics Card upgrade?

Hello Robert!

 Yes you are able to upgrade to the GTX 680, and you can use the same heat sink.

You could contact the Dell sales department on your country so they can give you a quote for your new video card. 

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