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Alienware M17x R4 Multiple Hardware/Software Failure BSOD

Hi there, 

i had several problems on my Alienware M17x R4. 

First it started to do this:

it did it twice almost a week ago, i was playing something i have played before, and after it goes like that, it just reboot itself. It only happened twice the same day.

After that, the computer went good until today; it started to do a blue screen of death on BCCode 116 when playing any game, after searching a while, and from minidump log of windows, it appears is a Nvidia driver failure, so i just make a clean install of the driver. I still don't check is this blue screen is still present because i'm right now on work and the problem just appears after playing some 30-40 minutes straight.



Another problem just appeared randomly and disappeared as randomly as it started, is that when pressing buttons on quick access bar (the buttons to the right from power button) after i pressed the down/up volume button, it turned off the Wireless Card (it's a Killer) like if i pressed the wifi button six buttons to the right

Now, Alienware Comand Center just started to display this:

After reading this i checked Alienware FX Tester, getting the same result as the poster of the link.


i come to see that i will happen to reinstall Windows, that represents from me a backup and reinstall of 600 GB of software/data. It is not practical for me to do it for obvious reasons, it will take me too much time, and i think that's why the poster of the link i refer just decided to leave it be. I don't want to leave it be, but before reinstaling Windows, i wanted to see if no further solution has been made to this problem since that post.

I still got warranty so i was about calling in today, but before doing it, the BSOD's appeared. Do i will need parts replacement? If i do, how i refer them on the phone support service. I already called support some several times earlier for malfunction of the equipment (sadly, in the very first week of having it), i'm on Caribbean support area.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Alienware M17x R4 Multiple Hardware/Software Failure BSOD

Hi Linkei Krieger,

Send me your service tag through a private message get this fixed.

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Re: Alienware M17x R4 Multiple Hardware/Software Failure BSOD

I send you a PM, i have a BSOD and that's why i got disconnect .s

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